Dr. Matthew Accurso
Dr. Matthew Accurso

There is a new paradigm in the field of health and wellness. It’s one that involves looking at the human holistically and trying to get to the core of health, rather than simply masking symptoms with drugs, pills, and potions. And luckily, today we have more testing and laboratory capabilities at our fingers than ever before – and it’s improving every day. This week we speak with Dr. Matthew Accurso on how to use modern science to achieve optimal performance through cutting edge labs and lifestyle programs.

Dr. Accurso has helped spearhead some of the largest performance enhancing seminars ever conducted in the United States and Canada helping thousands overcome mental and physical barriers.
Dr. Accurso now does concierge customized high performance health consulting at elevays.com. Don’t forget to mention that you heard him on Smart People Podcast!
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  1. Michael,

    Recently introduced listener to your podcast, which I’ve been thoroughly enjoying on my commute to work.

    In your latest interview with Dr. Accurso, he broadly advocated holistic approaches to health and wellness practices- but what I perceived from the episode (which may or may not have been accurate) was that his business model targets the luxury-clientele market. While I am by no means, anti-capitalist, it occurred to me that the individuals most likely to suffer from the chronic health conditions are those living in the lower socioeconomic echelons of society.

    I would be interested in hearing Dr. Accurso’s perspective on the relationship between poverty and preventable mental/physical ailments, and the viable actions that he see’s as most important right now in addressing health epidemics associated with economic disenfranchisement.

    He mentioned that he may, or may not be interested in public office some day- so it sounded to me like public policy is of interest to him… And in a society where money can play a strong role in addressing most problems we face in life, it seems that public policy is most beneficial to those without access to “concierge” services.

    Thanks for a great podcast, and thanks to Dr. Accurso for sharing his insights into holistic medicine on your show!

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