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Tony Stubblebine and Erin Frey
Tony Stubblebine and Erin Frey: authors of, “The Strongest Mind In The Room”

How to have the strongest mind in the room with Tony Stubblebine and Erin Frey. This week we talk to the CEO and head researcher of Lift App, an app that helps people create and maintain new habits. With hundreds of thousands of users from across the world, Tony and Erin have a front row view to learning what makes habits stick and why. They have also learned which habits tend to bring out the best in people, or help increase wealth, or help get a good night sleep.  So we wanted to know,what have they found is the most important habit of all? If we could adopt one habit right now to improve our lives, what would it be? And it turns out, there is a fairly definitive answer. Tune in this week to find out what it is!

Tony Stubblebine is the CEO and co-founder of Lift, a life changing app that helps you form habits. More than that, Tony is a fanatic about human potential, creativity, and the power of action! Tony is also a “serial entrepreneur”, having worked on a number of tech startups, including working with the guys who founded Twitter. Tony often blogs here, on Medium.

Erin Frey is Writer in Residence and Head of Research at Lift.  She curates Life-Hacks for Medium and graduated from Yale.

According to Forbes.com, Lift app is one of the most affordable self-help products ever created.

“Meditation is like doing mental push-ups.”

-Tony Stubblebine

Quotes from Tony and Erin

[shadowbox]”The biggest problem people face when starting mediation is they have either no expectations or the wrong expectations.”

“Nobody has a clear mind when they meditate.  That’s kind of the point.”

“Meditation helps you gain awareness of your inner dialogue.”

“Meditation is training that touches 3 elements: awareness, control, and calm.”[/shadowbox]

What we learn in this episode:

  • Why do some of the most powerful people on earth meditate?
  • What is the science behind meditation?
  • What is the number one way that mediation helps in your professional career?
  • How does meditation cure multitasking?


The Strongest Mind in the Room



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