‘Find Your Happy’ by: Shannon Kaiser

Shannon Kaiser –  travel writer, inspirational author, motivational speaker

Sometimes here at SPP, we judge a book by it’s cover…literally.  We will see the most recent NY Times Bestseller and we fawn over the author.  The more designations, recommendations,  and accolations (hey, it’s a word in  Urban Dictionary) a person has, the more insight they must have into the world of knowledge.  Well, this week we are standing up for those that hold a 4.0 GPA from the most prestigious institution there is, Real World University (RWU).  Before you dismiss the legitimacy of Real World University, let me give you a few statistics:

As you can see, Real World University is only for the truly amazing. So congratulations, you made it! However, as I just mentioned, it’s expensive, it’s difficult, and it’s the longest thing you’ll ever do – so you might as well make the best of it.  But how? It’s a question we all ask ourselves.  How do we make our time here on Earth (you got the metaphor of RWU…right?) the best and most meaningful we can?  You get a damn good guidance counselor, that’s how.  And for that reason we bring you this week’s guest, your guidance counselor for 30 minutes, Shannon Kaiser.

Shannon is a travel writer, inspirational author, motivational speaker and founder of  playwiththeworld.com , a wonderland of adventure, fun and fulfillment. She is the travel tip editor for Healing Lifestyles and Spas, and a Destination Travel Editor for Examiner.com. A handful of her motivational stories have been published in the uplifting best-selling book series “Chicken Soup for The Soul” and her opinions have been shared on ABC AM Northwest KATU Morning Show.  She is the author of the book “Instant Inspiration” and the forthcoming book, “Find Your Happy, an Inspirational Guide on Loving Life to the Fullest.”