Rebecca Woodcock, co-founder of Cake Health

Let’s be honest. No one likes to deal with medical and health insurance bills. It’s confusing, it’s complicated, and it really is a huge pain.

This is where Rebecca Woodcock’s new startup, Cake Health comes in. Cake Health is a website that helps you manage and understand your health care bills. It helps break down your health care bills, show your true costs, and helps you save money. It is such a good idea, that insiders in the tech industry are calling it the Mint of the health care industry… which is a compliment of the highest degree.

This week, we speak with the co-founder of Cake Health,  Rebecca Woodcock. She graduated from Santa Clara University and has worked in a wide variety of jobs within the technology industry. She also graduated from the Founder Institute, a start-up incubator that grooms entrepreneurs into becoming CEOs.

You can see Rebecca’s Tech Crunch Disrupt presentation: