New York Times bestseller, Steve Almond

To this day, ‘History of Rock and Roll’ was one of my favorite classes in college. The artists inspired me. The stories blew me away. The lifestyle seemed to be something only imaginable in books and movies.

New York Times best selling author, Steve Almond has many books on his resume, but it was Rock and Roll Will Save Your Life that really caught my attention. In this book, Steve describes how he is a “drooling fanatic” and shows how music and  life come together in his life.  As you dive into the book, you begin to realize how important music is to your life and just how much of a time-machine music really can be.

Steve’s newest book, God Bless America is available online and at bookstores in your area. You can also find it at To find out more about Steve, please visit his website.

Please enjoy Steve’s deconstruction of the lyrics of the song (I Bless the Rains Down in) Africa, by Toto.