We started Smart People Podcast as a passion project that would help us determine what we wanted to be when we grew up. 350+ episodes later, we realized the podcast is  exactly what we wanted to do.

Please help us realize our dream and make Smart People Podcast a genuine source of income.

Suggested donation amounts:

    • $5 – a small thank you that can help buy one of us a drink.
    • $10 – a thank you that buys both of us a drink.
    • $25 – Show your support for the show and help us grow.
    • $100 – Think we’re the best? We’ll think you’re the best!

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  1. Hi Guys! I just finished listening to Episode 89.
    Make sure you get real beer with this and NOT Bud Light!

    If you prefer lighter Lagers/ Pilsners. I recommend Session Premium Lager by Full Sail Brewing Company.

    Also, I picked up the Pocket app after hearing about it on an earlier episode and I LOVE it. Thanks for the recommendation!

    • Hey Dan! Our donation page is through Paypal. You shouldn’t have to enter credit card information if you have an account. Thanks!

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