We can’t wait to have you on the podcast. Here are some requirements and quick tips that will help you have a successful interview:


  • Must use Chrome
  • Must be a computer (not a phone or tablet)
  • Must use headset of some kind (iPhone or similar)
  • Must have strong internet connection

Quick Tips:

  1. Find a quiet place for the interview
  2. Close all unnecessary programs on your computer, except for Google Chrome. (Close your tabs if you have multiple open!)
  3. Plug in your headphones
  4. Plug in your microphone (if you have one – even iPhone headphones with a mic are better than your computer’s built in mic)
  5. Open the Riverside.fm link sent to you via email
  6. At the end of the recording session, please do not close your browser. You will receive a notification from Riverside.fm when your interview has been uploaded and it is safe for you to close your browser.

Riverside.fm Settings:

After clicking your Riverside.fm link, you’ll see a dashboard where you can edit your audio settings.

You’ll now be able to edit your audio settings. If you have headphones with a built-in mic plugged into your laptop, your audio input and output will be Default – Built-in.

If you have headphones plugged in and a USB microphone, your Audio Output will be Default – Built-in and you will select your USB microphone from the Audio Input drop-down.