CrisMarie Campbell and Susan Clarke
CrisMarie Campbell and Susan Clarke, authors of, ‘The Beauty of Conflict for Couples’

CrisMarie Campbell is an Olympic rower, speaker, Boeing flight test engineer, has her MBA, AND is the co-founder of thrive! inc. She’s spent 20 years helping men, women, couples, and teams to resolve difficult conflicts and create strong, thriving relationships.

Susan Clarke has been coaching leaders and facilitating teams and groups for over 20 years. She came into coaching in a very different route after being told she had just six months to live from a terminal cancer diagnosis.

CrisMarie and Susan are the authors of, The Beauty of Conflict for Couples.

We discuss:

  • How do we understand how to do conflict when people approach it from different ables?
  • What are the biggest commonalities of struggle in a relationship?

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