Jeffrey Gitomer
Jeffrey Gitomer, author of, ‘Truthful Living: The First Writings of Napoleon Hill’

This week, we speak with Jeffrey Gitomer. Jeffrey is best known as the “King of Sales.” He is an author, a professional speaker, and a business trainer. Jeffrey has written thirteen books, including multiple New York Times best sellers. His works range from The Sales Bible to The Little Gold Book of YES! Attitude to The Little Red Book of Selling. He’s sold millions of copies and has been translated into 14 languages!

Jeffrey’s newest book, Truthful Living: The First Writings of Napoleon Hill comes out on October 30th.

To find out more about Jeffrey, head over to his site at:

We discuss:

  • What if you don’t know what to sell or don’t have anything that you deem valuable?
  • How do you figure out what you should be spending your time on to keep growing?
  • How do you handle what things to focus on when you have multiple interests?

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