Heather Gray
Heather Gray, executive coach and corporate therapist

These days you can’t go two minutes without being reminded that there are really successful, rich, beautiful, happy people out there…and you are not one of them. BUT – if you work hard enough, make more money, and buy more stuff, ONE DAY you just might become that person!

Just kidding. We all know that is a lie. We know it in our bones. But if you’re anything like me, you still look at those people and say, “I know it’s a lie, but those people seem to have it all, maybe they DO have it all figured out.”
This week we are speaking with an executive coach who works with those seemingly “perfect” people and she’s here to tell you that nothing is as it seems. In fact, often times people reach the societal ideal of perfection only to find out that it’s not at all what it seems and the price paid to get there was too high. So instead of chasing someone else’s dreams, it’s time to define your own – and trust me, it’s not easy.
Our guest this week is Heather Gray, a therapist and coach who is a master at helping anyone repair broken relationships, rediscover passions, and heal from ignored and fractured parts of their lives. She helps her clients learn how to be present for themselves and for those they care about so that they can truly have it all. Learn more about Heather and her work at ChooseToHaveItAll.com.

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