Anders Ericsson
Anders Ericsson, author of, ‘Peak: Secrets from the New Science of Expertise’

For more than thirty years psychologist Anders Ericsson, an expert on the field of professional development, has studied the people who stand out as specialists in their fields. In fact, Ericsson’s research was used as the basis for Malcolm Gladwell’s “10,000 Hour Rule” – which essentially states that it takes on average 10,000 hours of doing something to become an expert.

In reality, Ericsson’s research shows that there is nothing magical about the number of hours you put in, but over time he has come to understand that we are all capable of extraordinary feats. In this interview, Ericsson explains what the research actually says about the infamous “10,000 hour rule” and how that number can be greatly decreased (or increased) depending on the type of practice you are doing. Specifically, by utilizing deliberate practice with the help of a trained professional, one can drastically improve their results. Deliberate practice can be applied equally well to everything ranging from business skills and sales to sports and music…and it works!
Anders recently wrote an incredible book on the topic titled, PEAK: Secrets From The New Science Of Expertise. If you like the interview, you’ll love the book!

Anders Ericsson is the Conradi Eminent Scholar of Psychology at Florida State University and has been the driving force behind the development of the field of expert performance. He is recognized as the world’s foremost authority on deliberate practice and is an expert in the field of professional development.

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