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Jonathan Levi
Jonathan Levi – Entrepreneur and Eclectic

Jonathan Levi – Here on Smart People Podcast we get the opportunity to talk with a lot of amazing authors.  Doing this on a consistent basis has turned us into what you might call “book worms”.  However, with only so many hours in the day, there are still thousands of books that we’ll probably never have the time to read.  If only there were an easier way? What if you could increase your reading speed by five, ten or twenty times and also increase your retention? Think about the possibility! I might have actually done the required reading in college… OK probably not.  

Well thanks to one of our top fans (thanks Charlie!) we were introduced to this weeks guest, Jonathan Levi. Jonathan is an entrepreneur, and an expert in speed reading and advanced memorization.  His online course is ranked as one of the top selling of all time on Udemy and has been personally recommended by the CEO. Join us this week as we learn how to speed read, remember more, and be a Super Learner.

To receive 90% off of Jonathan’s SuperLearner course, go to jle.vi/smartpeople or go to Udemy and use the coupon code smart-people.

“Speed reading itself is the easy part.”

– Jonathan Levi

Quotes from Jonathan

[shadowbox]”To be an entrepreneur is to be nimble. If Google and Facebook could do everything, there would never be startups.”

“I don’t believe in the cliché about the entrepreneur who hears ‘no’ 27 times and succeeds on the 28th.  I believe the best entrepreneurs are the ones who hear no 2 or 3 times and decide they would rather be successful than right.”

“I think we are moving towards an economy where everybody gets exactly what they want.  It’s the full realization of Adam Smith’s invisible hand.”

“Most people don’t have a bad memory, they just don’t know how to use their memory.”[/shadowbox]

What we learn in this episode:

  • What is a super learner?
  • How do you speed read?
  • What is the “memory palace”?
  • What must you be able to do BEFORE you can speed read effectively?





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