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Bill Shannon – Vice President of Post and Carrier Solutions at Pitney Bowes.  Bill is on the front lines of a long forgotten staple of communication, the mail.  That’s right – not email, or vmail, but actual, physical mail.  Bill has been an integral part of the juggernaut that is Pitney Bowes for over 30 years. Pitney Bowes is a fortune 500 company that is nearly a century old and has managed to navigate through a world of change.  There is a lot we can learn from a company with such longevity!

[shadowbox]”I’m very proud of Pitney Bowes. The company has been very focused on understanding it’s future and it’s strategy.  The last 10 years have been more difficult than the previous 80, and we’ve made some very difficult decisions and done them at a time when other big brands haven’t been able to find their way through this.  The thing is, we took action – we made decisions. You need to create value constantly.”  – Bill Shannon[/shadowbox]

What we learn in this episode:
• What really caused the decline in mail? It’s not just technology and email!
• Have you ever asked yourself, exactly what is mail? You may not have realized but there are a number of different types of mail. Not just the letter you send your grandmother, or the junk mail you put straight in the trashcan.  There is a world of mail out there that is actually really interesting…we promise!
• What type of mail has actually been growing in popularity?
• What types of technology are used behind the scenes that help get mail where it needs to go?
• How does a big company like Pitney Bowes, or any company for that matter, succeed in this rapidly changing environment?