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'Reboot Your Relationship: Restoring Love Through Real Connection in a Disconnected World' by: Joe Whitcomb
‘Reboot Your Relationship: Restoring Love Through Real Connection in a Disconnected World’ by: Joe Whitcomb

Joe Whitcomb – Author of Reboot Your Relationship: Restoring Love Through Real Connection in a Disconnected World – Relationship coach and therapist.

Episode Transcript: Episode 119 – Joe Whitcomb

Connection is a human necessity.  We need to feel loved and accepted by others, it is a driving force behind much of what we do.  Perhaps no connection is stronger than the one we build with a significant other. In these monogamous, intimate relationships, we share our deepest selves and connect on levels never before experienced. This type of relationship can be one of the most exciting, enlightening, spine-tingling, adventures we embark on in our lives.  It can provide us with a lifelong friend, confidant, and partner. But as we all know, these relationship require an incredible amount of work and dedication.  They take empathy, compassion, understanding, and communication – all the building blocks of a strong bond. And over time, these building blocks can crumble and that bond can weaken.  Throughout almost all relationships, each of us will at some point experience negative emotions such as resentment, jealousy, anger, and frustration.  When these emotions emerge, it’s hard to work through them and they can force us to disengage and give up.  There are a number of ways you can get your relationship back on track and continue to thrive as a couple, but you have to have the right tools.  Well open up your toolbox, because this week, we are going to give them to you.

It only takes one person to change a dance.

– Joe Whitcomb

Joe Whitcomb brings more than 20 years of relevant experience to his work as a relationship coach and therapist. With a focus on helping couples connect and communicate at deeper levels, Joe provides effective tools for putting the fun and excitement back into relationships using his proven multidisciplinary approach. Joe earned a B.S. in Psychology with an emphasis in Neuroscience from the University of Maryland College Park. He holds a M.A. in Clinical Psychology and Marriage and Family Therapy from Pepperdine University and a Doctoral Candidate in Psychology and Marriage and Family Therapy from The Chicago School of Professional Psychology. Joe is the CEO of The Relationship Society and author of the new book, Reboot Your Relationship: Restoring Love Through Real Connection in a Disconnected World.


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  1. Great episode! I found some great nuggets of wisdom in this episode, and I would love to email myself and others some quotes from the episode. Do you all have a transcript written up from this podcast? Not sure how long these take to do, but transcripts of all your podcasts would be awesome!

    Keep up the great work 🙂

    • Hey Andrew! We recently got ALL of our episodes transcribed and are working on posting them in the upcoming month (it takes a lot of work 🙂 I’ll put a rush on this one and should have it up by either tomorrow or Wednesday. Thanks!

  2. Great interview, there was a lot of great useful and much needed information that I can use in my daily life. Thank you for having this available to a society that is in need of a new way of relating to be effective and in partnership..

  3. This is by far one of the best interviews I have heard on relationships, co-creating intimate connections (the dance) and a new, fresh idea on relationships being a transformative path. One of my favorite quotes, “The power of one-it only takes one person to change the rhythm of the dance.” Thank you guys for keeping it authentic and real. Jonathan

  4. “It really only takes one person to change the rhythm of a dance”….love that…we need to stop waiting for the other person or our partner…we can’t start the change, the growth…thanks! Great stuff!

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