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'CEO Material: How to Be a Leader in Any Organization' by: Debra Benton
‘CEO Material: How to Be a Leader in Any Organization’ by: Debra Benton

Debra Benton – Author of 7 leadership books including CEO Material: How to Be a Leader in Any Organization, founded Benton Management Resources, speaker, coach.

Episode Transcript: Episode 116 – Debra Benton

One of the things that I can really appreciate about our guest this week is her fearlessness.  Yes, she has a number of accolades and is often regarded as one of the top executive coaches in the country, but the way she achieved success was by trusting in herself, working hard, and going after it.  As Debra explains in this episode, she was quickly fired from her first job and from that moment on she decided that she would be the only one to have a say in her career – so she started her own company as a coach and advisor. When I heard this, I had to dig in.  Wasn’t she scared of failing? Who was going to hire her, she barely had any real world experience at all? Didn’t she feel the need to build a “solid” resume first? Debra told me that yes, she had some worries, but so does everyone.  If you believe in yourself, others will follow. It’s hard work, but it’s also hard work to live somebody else’s life, somebody else’s dream. She goes into more detail, so I suggest you just listen up – it’s gold!

We also cover areas of leadership, communication, success, and more.  Consider it your free weekly coaching session!

Debra Benton is an effective, charismatic, and powerful speaker/consultant/author who has been in business successfully for over 30 years having founded Benton Management Resources in 1976. She has helped professionals worldwide to design subtle changes in their presentation, attitude, and leadership style that ultimately resulted in an increase in their personal and professional effectiveness–and subsequently their financial status.

Debra has coached corporate executives, politicians, and business leaders on their organization impact in every industry imaginable. Ms. Benton has written seven books and numerous articles in business publications including the Harvard Business Review and The Wall Street Journal. Her best-selling books have been translated into fourteen languages. Her expertise has afforded her front-page coverage in The Wall Street Journal and USA Today. She has been repeatedly written about in Time, BusinessWeek, Fortune, and The New York Times, and has been a welcome guest on the Today Show, Good Morning America, CNN, and interviewed by Diane Sawyer for CBS.

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