'Confessions of a Surgeon' by: Paul Ruggieri
‘Confessions of a Surgeon’ by: Paul Ruggieri

Dr. Paul Ruggieri – Author of Confessions of a Surgeon

“Now I want you to count back from ten.  10…9…8…..”

And that’s all you remember.  Sure you might be a little sore, groggy or confused – but for the most part, you felt nothing. However, during that time, your mass is removed, your knee is repaired, your failing heart is mended.  Thanks to perhaps the most important medical discovery of all time, anesthesia, what happens behind operating room doors often remains a mystery.

As you will learn from seasoned surgeon, Dr. Paul Ruggieri, the operating room is a fascinating place, filled with intensity, insanity, and intrigue.  It is a place where mere mortals are often raised to a god-like status, and every decision can mean the difference between life and death.  Join us as Dr. Ruggieri reveals what actually goes on, when the patient’s lights go out!

Dr. Paul Ruggieri is a practicing general surgeon and author. Throughout his active twenty year career, Dr. Ruggieri has held department of surgery chairman positions at several community hospitals.  He has also been a clinical instructor at Harvard Medical School.  Dr. Ruggieri graduated from Georgetown University School of Medicine and completed his surgical training at Barnes Hospital, Washington University School of Medicine.  He subsequently served three years on active duty, the last as department of surgery chairman, in the United States Army.