Stefan Molyneux, host of Freedomain Radio
Stefan Molyneux, host of Freedomain Radio

Stefan Molyneux – Philosopher, host of Freedomain Radio

When you take a stance on something, you’re bound to have those on the other side that try to take you down.  In fact, many people believe, that if you aren’t making enemies, then you aren’t saying anything substantial.  Well, if you believe this to be true, then you have to tune in this week.  For example, what’s your stance on spanking your child? How about taxation or property rights? Gun control? Yeah, pretty heavy topics – and all of which get covered in this week’s episode as we speak with philosopher Stefan Molyneux.

Now I have to admit, and I say it to Stefan during our interview, I didn’t want to like him or his point of view.  First off, he’s often described as a libertarian, which in itself carries all types of negative connotations. On top of that, he has a point of view on everything…and that usually irks me about people.  But the thing is (and you’ll probably agree after listening), Stefan takes the approach that most could only dream of.  He’s pragmatic, intelligent, well spoken, and non confrontational – not things you normally attribute to someone who makes a living publicly taking sides on all of the hot buttons of the world.  Truly an eye opening interview.

Stefan Molyneux is a philosopher, writer, and the host of Freedomain Radio. He has worked as a software entrepreneur and executive, co-founded a successful company, and worked for many years as a Chief Technical Officer. He studied literature, history, economics, and philosophy at York University, hold an undergraduate degree in History from McGill University, and earned a graduate degree from the University of Toronto, focusing on the history of philosophy. He admittedly tries to avoid opinions and instead talk about proof and rationality.

You can see Stefan’s video of the interview here: