CEO and Co-Founder of Help Remedies, Richard Fine

Richard Fine – CEO of Help Remedies/drug dealer (don’t worry, it’s legal).

I had a long day at the office today and it left me with a raging headache.  I sauntered to the nearest pharmacy, stood in the painkiller aisle, looked at the plethora of choices, and you know what happened…my headache got worse.  What brand do I want? Which type of pain killer? Do I need extra strength, mega strength, or kill me strength? These are way too many questions to answer considering it feels like I have a midget taking a mallet to my brain.  But then, as if delivered from the heavens, a beautiful green and white box jumps out at me and it literally says, “help, I have a headache”.  No questions, just answers.  And so began my love affair with Help Remedies.  (For the record, this story was made up.  My love affair actually began with a blue box that said “help, I have a blister” – but I tell that story in the interview).

Help Remedies, Inc. puts a simple new spin on your every day over-the-counter drugs.  Their products are made with only one active ingredient, because drugs are the epitome of less is more.  Why relieve 6 symptoms when you only have one?  Their products are in more environmentally friendly packaging and they use fewer coatings and dyes.  But perhaps most importantly, their products are beautiful and simple – a description more likely to be given to an iMac than a ibuprofen.  It leaves you wondering, who’s the genius behind this stellar product?  Answer: Richard Fine and Nathan Frank.  We were only able to get one of them on the show.

Richard Fine is the CEO and Co-Founder of Help Remedies, Inc.  Find out more about Help at