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Mark Malkoff – Filmmaker, adventurer, comedian

We all know that guy.  The ideas guy.  The non-action guy.  The guy that say’s things like “Dude, I KNEW I should have bought Apple stock when it was at $60,” or “I can’t believe that business stole my idea,” or “as soon as work slows down I’m going to write a book.”  I have to admit, I’ve been that guy numerous times in my life and I’m not proud of it.  That guy is annoying.  He thinks that just having an idea is as good as actually making something happen.  My favorite quote from the movie The Social Network is when the actor playing Mark Zuckerberg says, “If you guys were the inventors of Facebook, you would have invented Facebook.”  The point of all this is, you’re only as good as what you do, NOT what you think about doing.  Do whatever fires you up, whatever gets you out of bed in the morning.  No matter how crazy it is, or how unrealistic it seems – go after it.  That’s exactly what this week’s guest, Mark did and it has brought him some pretty cool places.

Mark Malkoff is a comedian, a filmmaker, and more importantly, he’s a do-er.  He comes up with cool stuff to do, and makes it happen.  Mark had an idea on how to overcome his fear of flying, and next thing you know, he’s literally living on an AirTran jet for 30 straight days.  He also visited and purchased something from all 171 Starbucks franchises in New York City in 24 hours.  He lived in an IKEA for a week.  What’s even better, is he turns his adventures into fantastic films, and it’s become his full time job.  Mark has made headlines worldwide for his exploits and he’s enjoyed every second of it. Check out the hilarity that ensues at

I’m not going to sit here and give you a motivational speech, but we’ve said it time and time again.  There’s always a million reasons why it won’t work, doesn’t make sense, or seems impossible.  You have to power through those thoughts, those excuses, and get it done.