Reggie Freeman – Assistant Fire Chief / Deputy Director of Emergency Management

Reggie Freeman – Fire Chief, Emergency Management, CEO & President of The Freeman Group, LLC

Catastrophe is all around us.  Massive snow storms, excessive heat
waves, floods, power outages and hurricanes are all part of life on
earth.  Whether you call it climate change, the zombie apocalypse or
the end of the Mayan calendar, it is becoming increasingly important
for us to be prepared for disaster. Unfortunately, most emergency
management personal isn’t properly trained to deal with the wrath of
Mother Earth.  Luckily, Jon and I want you to survive…you’re welcome.

We consider this episode to be a diamond in the rough.  We interviewed
this week’s guest, Reggie Freeman, at the urging of one of our
listeners and he blew us away.  Reggie is an Executive Fire Officer
serving in the capacity of Assistant Fire Chief for the City of
Hartford, CT. He also serves as the city’s Deputy Director of
Emergency Management.  However, Reggie’s impressive resume doesn’t
stop there.  He took the knowledge and the discipline he gained in the
above mentioned roles and translated them into his own “All Hazards”
consulting company, The Freeman Group.  And to top it all off, Reggie
is finishing up his book, “The New Fire Officer,” which addresses the
history and tradition of the fire service coupled with the schematics
of fire departments in today’s society along with the demographics of
new officers across the country.  This guy stays busy!

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