‘Fake Science 101’ by: Phil Edwards

For most of us, our high school textbooks were nothing more than a paper weight.  Maybe if we would have actually opened them, we wouldn’t need to rely on talking to smart people, but that’s neither here nor there.  The main reason we didn’t care what was inside those massive bound bundles of  boring (yay for alliteration) was because they didn’t draw us in, there was no fun, and no play.  In steps this week’s guest, Phil Edwards.  Phil, as he puts it, is a “writer of mysteries and humor. Sometimes mysterious humor as well.” He had an idea to mesh together a passion of his, comedy, with an annoyance of his, boring text books.  The result of this idea is his brand new book, Fake Science 101, a witty, funny, easy read that takes the structure of a text book and turns it into laughs.  Our personal favorite part of this interview is the way Phil takes us through the writing process, how to turn your idea into reality, get a literary agent, market your work, and make some money!

You can find out more about Phil and his other creative creations at philedwardsinc.com.

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