Drew Dudley, founder of 'Nuance Leadership Development Services Inc'

Drew Dudley – Leadership and Motivation Expert: Be prepared to look at leadership in a new light after this one.  According to this week’s guest Drew Dudley, leadership is no longer a description reserved for kings, presidents, and executives. It’s something we all possess and we need to use it to change the world. Drew believes we’ve made leadership into something bigger than us, something beyond us.  And Jon and I think he’s on to something.  We all find times in our lives when leadership of some sort is necessary and we don’t realize that we willingly jump to the challenge.  Whether it comes when you’re lost on a long road trip, or put in charge of that project at work or even when you notice other’s around you not recycling, there are things that happen every day that force us into a leadership role and most of the time we succeed.  So why are we so hesitant to consider ourselves leaders? Perhaps we are thinking of leadership in the wrong context….and that’s exactly what Drew Dudley is going to explain.

Drew Dudley is a leadership and motivation expert and founder and chief catalyst of Nuance Leadership. He can also be found on Twitter: @nuancedrew. Please take a look at one of his TED talks below.