Josh Klein, author of "Hacking Work: Breaking Stupid Rules for Smart Results"

Josh Klein – Technologist & Computer/Life Hacker: Many of today’s systems and organizations still operate on the same processes that became popular during the industrial revolution, but no longer prove relevant. Think about it, a company decides they want to be innovative and productive. They need their employees to be creative and forward thinking. So what do they do? They make you sit in a make-shift jail cell that inhibits any type of creativity and brainstorming and they tell you to work within the confines of your role. How does that help? Plain and simple…it doesn’t. This is when they hire Josh Klein (this week’s guest) to come in and basically tell them to get with the times and stop following the norm. But in this episode we don’t stop at making fun of companies – we cover it all. Can the music industry stop complaining that file sharing is killing the industry and just realized that it IS the industry? How about the fact that students in India are getting a perfectly good education for FREE using Khan Academy  There are endless opportunities to use technology and the new virtual network to better our lives for cheaper, if we would just accept a change.

Josh Klein is a technologist who uses systems thinking to create alternative methods of succeeding in divergent fields. Basically, in common speak, that means he uses his love for technology and his lifelong affinity for how things work and how they can work even better to solve problems across many areas. Josh has written two books, his most recent titled Hacking Work: Breaking Stupid Rules for Smart Results tells employees how to break the rules at work to be more productive. In addition, Josh has participated in numerous start ups, he works for the US Intelligence Community and has done speaking engagements at many forums including Davos and TED. Now he can add SPP to that list. Enjoy!

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