Fojol Brothers Food Truck

Remember when you would be starving, walking around a large city looking for a quick bite and the only thing you could find was hot dogs from street carts that tasted like moist paper towel rolls? Well finally, those days are gone.  There has been an epidemic within the past year or two in food trucks, which are in essence, kitchens on wheels.  These food trucks serve legitimately amazing food at a good price and they bring it right to the doorstep of your office or home.  These food trucks have taken the largest cities by storm (i.e LA, NYC) and they have made their way into the nation’s capital and our home, Washington, DC.  This week we speak with Justin Vitarello, the founder, creator and driver of the Fojol Brothers – one of the first and most popular food trucks to hit the streets of Washington, DC.  Justin gives us some insight into his business and why he decided to bring great food and great fun to the streets.