'Priceless: The Myth of Fair Value' by: William Poundstone

This week’s guest is a guy I would love to emulate.  His profession goes a little something like this.  Find interesting subject, research the hell out of interesting subject, write about interesting subject in a clear and interesting manor, and make bank.  Not too many writers perform this process nearly as well as our guest, William (Bill) Poundstone. Poundstone is the best-selling author of eleven books. His Fortune’s Formula was Amazon Editors’ Pick for #1 nonfiction book of 2005. In our interview with Bill, we focus mainly on 4 topics he has written about: How can we change the way we vote in America, why do companies ask stupid riddles during job interviews, how are price’s determined, what is the best system for betting, gambling and the stock market.  Bill has written for The New York Times book review and op-ed page, the Village VoiceEsquireHarpersThe BelieverThe Economist, and Harvard Business Review. He has appeared on the Today Show, David Letterman, CBS Morning News, Larry King, and hundreds of radio talk shows throughout the world.

Bill’s newest book, Priceless: The Myth of Fail Value can be found at Amazon and your local book store.

To find out more about Bill Poundstone, please visit his website: http://home.williampoundstone.net/

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