Jim Hopkinson of SalaryTutor.com and Wired.com

What is the one thing you dread when going on an interview? If you’ve prepared for the interview and updated your resume, you are probably pretty confident that the interview is going to go well…. up until the salary negotiation that is. How many people have been taught how to negotiate salary? I know that we here, at Smart People Podcast have not been. You’re in luck because that is exactly what Jim Hopkinson’s new book, Salary Tutor: Learn The Salary Negotiation Secrets No One Ever Taught You (also available in paperback for pre-order) is about. Head on over to Amazon and check it out!

Jim Hopkinson lives in New York City and is a Marketing Director overseeing the online marketing and social media strategy for Wired.com. He hosts a popular marketing blog and podcast called The Hopkinson Report, which mixes entertaining coverage of new media marketing trends, interviews with entrepreneurs, and analysis of companies driving the growth of the digital age. His energetic and passionate approach has been called “audible caffeine.”

Jim is also a contributing writer to Wired.com’s “Epicenter” business blog, and teaches a class on social media strategy at New York University. He enjoys serving as a mentor for young business professionals, and was named one of min’s “Top 21 Social Media Superstars” in 2009.



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  1. Great interview about a timely & sensitive subject. Jim really knows what he is talking about and is always interested in helping others succeed.I know he has given me great advice.and help not only on job interviews but life in general. After all we should know we are his parents.

    Fred & Joanne Hopkinson

  2. Great info. Do your homework, know your audience, and prepare. Very simple, yet always overlooked. I’ve got an interview tomorrow, wish me luck.

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