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Our Culture, What's Left of It: The Mandarins and the Masses. By: Theodore Dalrymple

Is man inherently good or is that just something comforting we like to tell ourselves? This week’s guest is Dr. Anthony Daniels and he spent the majority of his professional career working as a prison doctor and psychiatrist. Due to his fascination with evil, Dr. Daniels (who’s pen name is Theodore Dalrymple) sought out those who did evil so that he may better understand it.  His studies have brought him all over the world, from the slums of Eastern London to the huts of Sub-Saharan Africa.  His first hand experience with crime and murder have led him to some very interesting conclusions.  He goes in great depth on the subject in his most famous book Our Culture, What’s Left of It: The Mandarins and the Masses, published in 2005.  Additionally, Dr. Daniels’ work frequently appears in The British Medical JournalThe TimesThe ObserverThe Daily TelegraphThe SpectatorSalisbury Review, etc. and he has authored a number of books.  Daniels is a contributing editor to City Journal, published by the Manhattan Institute, where he is the Dietrich Weismann Fellow.


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  2. Hi, guys. Great interview with Dalrymple! Is it OK if I plug my and my brother’s website dedicated to him?

    You can keep up with his newest work on the blog page, click the “Classics” link at the bottom of the blog to read what we consider some of his best stuff, or read about his fascinating life on the “Life” page.

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