Smart People Podcast“Primal Therapy is aimed at eradicating ones neurosis. It is revolutionary because it involves overthrowing the neurotic system by a forceful upheaval. Nothing short of that will eliminate neurosis.” – The Primal Scream, Arthur Janov

This edition of the podcast features Dr. Barry Bernfeld, Associate Director of the Primal Institute in Los Angeles, California.  The Primal Institute attracts thousands of patients every year from across the world who come to be treated using primal therapy.

Primal therapy is a trauma-based psychotherapy stating that neurosis is caused by the repressed pain of childhood trauma. These repressed feelings can cause tension which frequently brings on depression and anxiety. It can be resolved only by re-experiencing these feelings that has been blocked away from consciousness for so long.

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  1. I am especially glad to be able to listen to, and share this particular interview/conversation with friends and PARENTS! I feel fortunate to have finally been introduced to the term, quantity time, which I have always felt to be very important without being aware of the term. A lot of important reminders within this episode!

    I am glad to be not only a listener, but a participant in these podcasts. Thanks for making it so easy to pass along the beneficial information that has been passed to you! Keep up the useful work!

  2. I found out I somehow ended up at the neighbors’ house thinking they were my parents as a child, (my father was married with two children, my half sisters and step-mother, see, I wasn’t fitting in there just right… the truth that I was not the kin of who call kin, was loaded with emotion for everyone involved except who it affected, being, ME. I spent age 21 to 36 in Primal therapy and they knew the story via my ex-therapist, but never told me, and an optometrist there hacked the Institute’s computer files, she knew, everyone knew except me, as was my childhood at school and in the neighborhood. I talk to my father now, my, ‘Parents,’ are friends-cooperative business-associates.

    • pardon the typos, i’m overwhelmed with tears, see, in adjusting, merging with my extremely painful core truths, over the years of silence or caffeinated mania in therapy there, at Primal, well, it is because i was in therapy seeing how people really resolve core pain that made me better for my struggles than otherwise… #grateful

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